Diesel Efficiency Management

Learn how to save on diesel operating costs and reduce fuel wastage in the mining industry.

This course has been developed to address the need for optimising diesel consumption in mining operations. We will review fundamental diesel calculations and identify areas where diesel can be saved through practical implementation of tools (systems, audits, and administration).

Learners will be able to identify diesel waste and behaviour on-site, which is instrumental to identify waste and influence behaviour of co-workers.

If required, we can include specific client content in terms of relevant HSE standards and requirements to ensure consistency with existing training material and standards. The course will be delivered in-house only.

Some of the key focus areas of the course are the impact of spillage and wastage, basic diesel systems theory, fuel management systems as well as diesel management guidelines. Aspects such as loading, hauling, diesel storage, haul road condition and maintenance are all included. Environmental reporting including an introduction to Carbon Footprinting as well as the pending Carbon Tax is also covered.

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